YAmazing Race Recap

Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes!  I hope everyone had fun and no one pulled a muscle!

You guys named a lot of great historical movies – Titanic was popular, as was Pride and Prejudice.  A couple of you brought up some of my favorites – The Lion in Winter and the Cadfael series – and some of you brought new ones to my attention.  I’m going to have to look up Centurion, Amazing Grace and Master and Commander.

Some of you liked certain movies but weren’t sure if they were historically accurate.  I prefer to think of these as “historically-flavored.”  Besides, the truth is that the past is only so knowable.  There are plenty of things for which there is no evidence for one way or another, so the task of historical fiction (and historical film!) is to fill in those gaps and make a story out of what evidence there is.

And finally, the winner of the monkey keg party magnet is Grace, whose favorite historical movie is Braveheart!  Congrats, Grace!

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  1. I love that someone mentioned Master and Commander! The movie is a lot of fun (even if they changed a lot), but the book series is amazing.

    Imagine if Jane Austen wrote about a fantastic duo on par with Sherlock Holmes and Watson, set her story on the high seas during the Napoleonic Wars and then added a TON of humor. That’s pretty much Patrick O’Brian’s series.

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