Copyedits are here!

Copyedits have arrived, and are currently consuming my very soul. This will result in some wisdom and possibly a blog post or two once my brain grows back and I’m not putting in 20-hour days between the copyedits, the Day Job and Chez J just to make my deadline. So here are some random things:

* The Boy is currently failing cooking class. I’m pretty sure I know why. The Riot Act will probably need to be read, but my heart’s not in it on this one.

* I’m going to get my author pics tomorrow. Um, yay? Yeah, I guess this is a yay.

* The title of the book formerly known as Without the Walls is changing. Coming up with that title was hard enough. Now I have to come up with one that’s got a verb it in. Note to self: Don’t ask the Husband for suggestions. He gave me Castle EXXXXXXTREEEEEEME!!!, which I can’t submit to my editor because I’m terrified the sales department will love it.

* I love the OED Online. I love its lookup feature. I love its Historical Thesaurus. I love its links to the MED Online. I love everything about it. If I had “OED” and a bunch of hearts tattooed on my body, do you think it will improve my chances of being hired by them to geek out on words? Probably not, but who wouldn’t want an OED tattoo?

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    • I have some pictures of the copyediting process, but they’re not as pretty or exciting as proofs. Some of my fellow 2012 debut authors have been sharing their proofs, and they’re beautiful. Hopefully I’ll be joining them soon!

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