Never Eighteen: Project Pass It On

NEVER EIGHTEEN by my friend and colleague Megan Bostic is, at its heart, about action.  It’s about doing stuff that needs doing.  Hopefully I’ll never be in Austin’s position, with one eye on a ticking clock, but the takeaway is the same:

Act now.  Someday it will be too late.

Everyone has things in their lives that need doing.  Undone things.  Things you’ve always meant to do but haven’t.  That you want to do, but you’re afraid.  That will be weird to do, so you put them off.

Act now.

There’s something you want to tell your dad?  Call him.  You’ve always wanted to apologize to that girl you terrorized in middle school?  Google her.  Your neighbor keeps his dog chained up in all weather?  Call someone about it.

I wish I could keep this copy of NEVER EIGHTEEN forever.  See how nice it looks on my shelf?







Thumbkitty agrees.  “Monkey, let’s keep this butt-warmer–er, I mean book–forever.”









But a book like this is meant to be shared.  This one will go to my mother, who will help it find a home in Eastern Washington University’s curriculum library where soon-to-be teachers can use it in classrooms to discuss ethics or philosophy or just to inspire.

My very own copy will arrive any day now.









Do something today.  Maybe it will motivate someone else to do the same.

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