Mail Call

Something awesome came in the mail on Saturday. Friend and colleague Suzanne Lazear held a birthday contest which I was fortunate enough to win, and I’m now in possession of a nifty prize package chockful of swag and a copy of Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers!

If that wasn’t enough, something awesome came by email on Sunday. Some of you playing along at home may remember me talking about A, my tween protégé who I’m feeding a regular diet of books and encouragement and general attagirls. In her last letter, A told me she wants to be novelist when she grows up, and she offered to send me her latest work.

So on Sunday, her story arrived in my inbox. I have to admit I was a little worried – you know, when you’re given something to read by someone close and you don’t know what to say if it (ahem) sucks – but people, it’s delightful. A has a good sense of language and rhythm, and her characters are way more three-dimensional than mine were when I was twelve. Plus, there’s a zombie dog!

I think I’ll send her a copy of Bird by Bird.

In other news, I sent off my author questionnaire on Sunday afternoon. By Sunday night, I’d thought of three more things to add. I figured that would happen, though, so I’m not too upset.

Also, I’m over at EMU’s Debuts today, talking about self-identification. I’m still not very good at it.

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